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Every normal and average human being always strive to build an empire or successful business that will live through many generations of his bloodline and/or possibly live forever; but most times these sets of business initiative don’t just fall off the skies like MANNA in the old times, it takes many years of failures and successes in the lives of those who are willing to achieve the needed result. In the world today, there are businesses that have/are existing for the past 300 years and are still standing strong – which makes one wonder how they have been able to manage it thus far but believe you me that you can also achieve something similar or even better… But you need to have the following factors on your mind before you venture into a line of business.

Have Good Business Plan

The first thing you need to consider on your list is a Workable Business Plan. With this in mind, you will be guided on where to start and what you intend to achieve within a set period of time (more like a 1 to 5 years plan). Once you have a Good Business Plan; you are one step ahead of just thinking… And on the other hand (though necessarily, because it works and doesn’t work for a lot of people) get in torch with a business or startup expert who has years of experience (preferably) in the field and very successful, not type that only knows business plans on paper (and zero practicals), ask for advise on what business you can start with a certain amount of money (for example let’s say NGN100,000) and what could be the positive outcome when you apply his/her methods.

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Now after you must heard and understand what the expert has to offer, it is now unto you to swing into action.

Business Location

The second thing to consider in starting a successful business is the ‘location’. Location of a business is very key has everything to do with its success and failure. Let’s take for instance you want to go into Tech Business and you reside in a small town where there’s not steady power supply and strong internet connection; your common sense should be able to tell you within the first week of opening that this line of business will not survive or see the light of day in your currently location and even if it will possibly survive – that will come at a very high cost of running the business (like buying a power generator, cost of buying diesel on a daily or weekly basis).

In cases like this, the need to move to a more suitable location is the only alternative unless you want to change the line of business to the type that suits the location.

Another key factor on the location of a business is; you look at what the people in that settlement can’t do without on a daily or weekly basic and make it your number one moving and most selling product or service.

Business Visibility

You will agree with me that business visibility is key in a world driven by technology and social media oriented generation. While making your business plan – your business visibility should also be a factor or top priority as it will also help you in achieving the set goal of the business. You can employ the services of those who will handle your online presence if it will be too much for you to handle alone.

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At least your business should be able to pop on search engine results in your location and if possible beyond your territory.

Advertising Your Business

I don’t have much to say here but, You must learn to make budget for advertising your business on any platform you find cool, be it Social Media, Blogs, Forums, Television, Radio etc. just try in as much as you can to give your Business a little boost of/for audience and potential clients.


Being patient in business sometimes can be frustrating but at the end it always pay… As a startup, being in a rush to make it shouldn’t be your priority, rather take ever positive step accordingly.

Find ways to satisfy your customers in such a way that they won’t hesitate coming back for more of your services/products.

Don’t engage yourself in competing with businesses that are far ahead of you, that will only lead to your doom.

Don’t go killing your business with Freebies, Giveaways, Discounts and all that,all in the name of attracting customers (they’ll only remember your office/business on the next giveaway date)

Final Words

I conclude this article with the thought that you start that business plan now, now is the right time and there’s not better time than now. Thanks for reading!

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